Direct Publishing


Starting from the brand site and recruiting site, we did a brand renewal for Direct Publishing Inc.


Internal Research

We interviewed staff from all departments including managerial level staff as well as several executives of Direct Publishing. The goal was to define and make visual the brand value, from the perspective of making the most efficient appeal of the Direct Publishing culture.


Identity Design

The renewal of the Direct Publishing company identity started from motion design and expanded to logo design and color scheme design. Direct Publishing is a gathering of diverse individuals. The dynamism generated from this group of individuals is what makes the company unique, and we wanted to convey this energy in a diffusive motion design.


DP motionlogo

Rationality Based on Human-Centered Design

We deployed a multi-device framework and designed for improved usability across both the brand site and the recruiting site. Additionally we developed clear target profiles for end-users, customers and staff. From that we focussed on each group’s main needs, the journey through the sites and defined conversion points. After developing a new contents structure and revising the information provided, we integrated it into the design.


Brand SiteRecruit Site
Maruyama-cho 23-2, Arethusa Shibuya
Shibuya-ku, Tokyo 150-0044, Japan.
Yanagihachiman-cho 65, Kyoto Asahi bldg. 10F
Oike-sagaru, Yanagibanba-tori, Nakagyo-ku Kyoto-shi, Kyoto 604-8101, Japan