“FUTURE TRUST” Experience Design

IDL closely worked with Design team from Hitachi to design the open forum, “CSI Innovation Talk” sponsored by Hitachi Ltd. Global Center for Social Innovation (CSI). The theme for this second forum is “FUTURE TRUST.” This forum was design to crate the environment to discuss the future of trust with visitors based on the vision design project, “TRUST/2030,” which Hitachi CSI team has collaborated with global design farm, Method to consider the “new forms of trust.”

株式会社日立製作所社会イノベーション協創センタ(CSI)主催のオープンフォーラム「CSI Innovation Talk」の体験デザインを行いました。2回目の開催となる今回のテーマは「FUTURE TRUST」。日立CSIがグローバルデザインファームMethodと共に行った“新しい信頼のかたち”を考えるビジョンデザインプロジェクト「TRUST/2030」を下敷きとして、これからの信頼のゆくえを来場者とともに議論する場として開催されました。

What we do

IDL was in charge of supporting the planning of the talk session, moderating the unconference and creating a report article introducing the event along with designing the space for the venue. Under the various constraints, we designed the space suitable for the forum while taking over the context of “TRUST/2030.”


Visualizing your votes

Furthermore, we design graphic boards for visitors to express their opinions on the question “the shape of the future of trust.” Opinions visualized by voting with dot stickers and free comments became the basis for free and open debate at the unconference.


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