It is said that cooking is a fundamental activity in a rich and engaging life. But for many people, there are still big hurdles to get started with cooking, and there is a lot of room to improve the experience.
Taking “Food” as our point of departure for the KITchen project, the Infobahn R&D team IDL has been exploring the processes, problems and potential solution around production, circulation, cooking and eating. Under the theme of “the future experience of cooking” we have been exploring new interfaces and experiences.

インフォバーンのR&D組織 IDLでは、「食」というテーマを軸に、「生産/流通/料理/食事」それぞれのプロセスにおける課題の発見と解決を図るための共創プロジェクト「KITchen.」を立ち上げ、「未来の料理体験」をテーマに、情報インタフェースと新しい体験デザインについて研究開発を進めています。

Research / Proof of Concept

Most days most of us take 3 meals a day. For us to have those 3 meals on the table, a lot of people are contributing along the value-chain, and there are also many ways to cook the ingredients that we end up with. Given an increasingly overwhelming selection of foodstuff and a complex production and distribution system, we wanted to take this opportunity to focus our research on the problems and worries the average consumer feels around food.


Ethnographic ReserchProof of Concept

KITchen. Ecosystem

During several loops of research and ideation, a theme emerged around how a lot of the hurdles surrounding cooking pertain to the desire to make good food easily. From this insight, we decided on going forward with development of the KITchen project to address personal needs and make delicious meals to fit individual tastes. From proposing recipes based on a user’s tastes and health conditions to using integrated sensors and interfaces to guide the cooking process directly, KITchen delivers a unified cooking experience to the user.


KITchen. Ecosystem

Make or Go Home, Emerging Navigation Design

The first thing we focussed on in planning the ecosystem was recipes. Because for people not used to cooking, recipes can be difficult to understand and hard to use during the process of cooking. So we believe this is big hurdle for people to start cooking on their own. So to address this problem we made an easy to use navigational system in the concept prototype. The interface of the navigational system is based on different kinds of sensors and a visual language specifically developed for cooking. With this system, even people unfamiliar with cooking can easily get started.


KITchen. pictgram
KITchen. SystemProjection
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