Ubiquitous Green Energy

We provide assistance services in the design and development of initial prototypes and verification of the provided concepts in the field of the new energy project "ubiquitous green energy" developed by Hitachi. The contents of the project and its background are published in the special issue of the design magazine "AXIS", Hitachi Design (Axis Co., Ltd.).

株式会社日立製作所が展開するエネルギー領域の新規プロジェクト「ユビキタスグリーンエネルギー」の領域探索と初期プロトタイプデザイン・開発、コンセプトおよび提供サービス内容の検証支援を行いました。プロジェクト内容とその背景は、デザイン誌『AXIS』増刊号 日立デザイン(株式会社アクシス)に掲載されています。

What we do

"Ubiquitous Green Energy" is a service that allows individuals to virtually use renewable energy from a dedicated AC adapter by using the J-credit system.
IDL supported the research of area exploration, service idea examination, initial prototype design/development, concept and service content verification in multiple phases.
In the initial phase, the insights from future insights are sublimated as a concept, and multiple service ideas are embodied as MVS (Minimum Variable Service). After that, we conducted a proof of concept for users and Subject Matter Experts. Furthermore, ideas are selected and the user experience is brushed up. At the same time, it is embodied as a prototype and concept movie that can be actually touched. Last but not the least, we also assist in about specific services that need to be provided.

初期フェーズでは、未来洞察から得られた洞察をコンセプトとして昇華し、複数のサービスアイデアをMVS(Minimum Variable Service)として具現化。その上で、仮想ユーザーと特定領域専門家(Subject Matter Expert)にコンセプト検証を実施しました。さらにアイデアを選別し、ユーザー体験をブラッシュアップすると同時に、実際に触れることが可能なプロトタイプとコンセプトムービーとして具体化。その後、具体的な提供サービスを検討する際のリサーチも併せて支援を行っています。


Supervisor 井登友一
Design Direction 川田智子
Research Design 野坂洋
Visual Design 岩﨑祐貴
Product Design / Interface Design 小坂諒**
Supervisor Yuichi Inobori
Design Direction Tomoko Kawada
Research Design Yo Nosaka
Visual Design Yuki Iwasaki
Product Design / Interface Design Ryo Kosaka**
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