Building dialogues,
creating value

INFOBAHN is a value-creation partner
leveraging creativity to help companies
enhance their social value.


Marketing and communication support to respond to society’s digital transformation

INFOBAHN's goal is to help companies achieve sustained value creation in a digitally transforming society.
We work with companies as co-creation practitioners, designers and storytellers to imagine the future, design products and services, and support their communication with users.
Generating dialogue between users and companies is not the only thing we do. Our mission is to create narratives for users and new value for companies.

Company name INFOBAHN Inc.
Date founded October 30, 1998(Note: incorporated as a holding company on July 1, 2015)
Capital 55 million yen(Note: as of May 31, 2019)
Representative Chairman of the Board and Representative Director (CVO): Hiroto Kobayashi
President and Representative Director: Junya Tanaka
Directors Executive Vice President :Yuichi Inobori
Executive Vice President: Tomoyoshi Shiroguchi
Non-Executive Directors:Miwa Koyasu
Auditor: Toshihide Natori
Executive officer, Head of Experience Division:Yuki Hamura
Executive officer, Head of IDL Division:Kazumasa Tsujimura
Executive officer, Head of Corporate Communications Division:Kaori Sugiura
Business activities <Marketing and communication>
Strategic planning, owned media development and management,website development and management, content planning, creation and editing, advertising, sales tools development
<Business, product and service design>
UX research, UX design, UI design, social design


Maruyama-cho 23-2, Arethusa Shibuya Shibuya-ku, Tokyo,
150-0044 Japan


Yanagihachiman-cho 65, Kyoto Asahi bldg. 10F Oike-Sagaru, Yanagibanba-tori,
Nakagyo-ku, Kyoto-shi, Kyoto, 604-8101 Japan

Chairman of the Board and Representative Director (CVO):

Hiroto Kobayashi

・ビジネス・ブレークスルー大学 IT学科専任教授
・ビジネス・インサイダー・ジャパン 発行人
・Israeli Blockchain Association (イスラエル・ブロックチェーン協会)アドバイザリーボード
・長野県 信州ITバレー構想 アンバサダー

1994年、日本語版「WIRED」を創刊、編集長を務める。1998年より企業のデジタル・コミュニケーションを支援する会社インフォバーンを起業。「ギズモード・ジャパン」など、紙とウェブの両分野で多くの媒体を創刊。また、日本ではじめてブログを書籍化し刊行。『真鍋かをりのココだけの話』はベストセラーに。コンテンツ・マーケティング、オウンドメディアの先駆として活動。2005年、経済産業省と内閣府によるコンテンツ政策委員を務める。2012年より、日本におけるオープン・イノベーションの啓蒙を行い、現在は企業や自治体のDX(デジタル・トランスフォーメーション)やイノベーション推進支援を行う。2016年、ベルリンのテック・カンファレンスTOAの日本公式パートナーとなる。2017年より、企業内起業家をネットワークし、ベルリンの視察プログラムを企画、実施。2018年、広島県サンドボックスの審査員を務め、その後同クロステックチャレンジにおいてブロックチェーンの社会実装をリードするプログラムを運営。2021年、日本の企業と自治体による循環型経済や生物多様性を軸にしたラーニング&コラボレーション・プログラム『GREEN SHIFT』を実施。行政、企業の官民協働による社会課題解決と新規ビジネス創発のソーシャル・インキュベーターとして活動中。

主な著書に『AFTER GAFA 分散化する世界の未来地図』(カドカワ)『メディア化する企業はなぜ強いのか?』(技術評論社)『ウェブとはすなわち現実世界の未来図である』(PHP新書)主な監修・解説書に『フリー』『シェア』『パブリック』(NHK出版)ほか多数。

・Full-time professor in the IT Department, Business Breakthrough University
・Publisher of Business Insider Japan
・Israeli Blockchain Association Advisory Board member
・Nagano Information Technology Council ambassador

In 1994, he founded Wired Japan magazine, of which he served as editor-in-chief. In 1998, he launched INFOBAHN, a company specializing in corporate digital communications. He also founded Gizmodo Japan and numerous other media, both print- and web-based, and published Japan’s first blog in book form, the bestselling Kawori Manabe: Just between You and Me, along with doing pioneering work in content marketing and owned media. In 2005, he served on the Content Policy Committee of the Ministry of Economy, Trade and Industry and the Cabinet Office. Since 2012, he has been raising awareness of open innovation in Japan and is currently working to promote digital transformation and innovation in business and local government. In 2016, he became the official Japanese partner of the Berlin-based TOA tech conference. Since 2017, he has been organizing a network of intrapreneurs, as well as planning and running study visits to Berlin. In 2018, he served as a judge for Hiroshima Sandbox and then oversaw the organization’s Cross-Tech Challenge program to promote the implementation of blockchain in real-life
applications. In 2021 he launched the GREEN SHIFT learning and collaboration program centered on the circular economy and biodiversity for Japanese business and local government. His current project is a social incubator to drive public-private collaboration on solutions to social problems and to promote new business creation.

His main published works are After GAFA: A Map of Tomorrow’s Decentralized World (Kadokawa), Rise of Corporate-Generated Media (Gijutsu Hyoron), and The Web as an Image of Society’s Future (PHP). He has also supervised and provided explanatory material for the Japanese editions of Free: The Future of a Radical Price, Share: What’s Mine is Yours, Public Parts (NHK Publishing) and numerous other books.

President and Representative Director

Junya Tanaka


2022年に書籍『ガンダムでわかる現代ビジネス Gundam Meets Business』(共著)を上梓。

Advertising Week Asia:アドバイザリーカウンシル

He started his career as a marketer at Credit Saison. After developing his career at marketing and ad agencies such as Jeki, Dentsu,Transcosmos, Metro Ad Agency, and Dentsu Razorfish, he joined INFOBAHN in 2015. He became a director in 2017, COO in 2019, now he is CEO of the company.He is an expert in both mass media and digital communication, and specializes in comprehensive communication design across online and offline, as well as new business development and promotion.He often applies theory from Gundam (Japanese famous anime) as a metaphor to business strategy.

Marketer Career Association : Executive Director
Digital Maketing Institute : Executive board member
Advertising Week Asia : Advisory Council
Sanno University : Part-time lecturer

Executive Vice President

Yuichi Inobori

デザインコンサルティング企業においてUXデザインの専門事業立ち上げに参画後、2011年に株式会社インフォバーン入社。UXデザイン/サービスデザインを中心としたイノベーションデザイン支援事業部門「INFOBAHN DESIGN LAB.(IDL)」主管。

・日本プロジェクトマネジメント協会 認定プロジェクトマネジメントスペシャリスト(PMS)
・HCD-Net(人間中心設計推進機構) 理事
・京都女子大学 家政学部 生活造形学研究科 非常勤講師
・同志社女子大学 学芸学部 メディア創造学部 嘱託講師
・立命館大学 経営学部 非常勤講師
・京都大学 経営管理大学院 博士後期課程終了 博士(経営科学)

After a role in setting up a specialist UX design business within a Design and Consulting agency, he joined INFOBAHN 2011. He manages INFOBAHN DESIGN LAB.(IDL), INFOBAHN’S innovation design  division focusing on UX design and service design.

・Project Management Association of Japan certified project
management specialist (PMS)
・Director at HCD-Net (Human Centered Design Organization)
・Part-time lecturer at the Graduate School of Design,Department of Apparel and Space Design, Faculty of Home Economics, Kyoto
Women’s University
・Part-time lecturer in the Department of Media, Faculty of
Liberal Arts, Doshisha Women’s College of Liberal Arts
・Part-time lecturer at Ritsumeikan University College of
Business Administration
・Ph.D. in Management Science at the Graduate School of Management, Kyoto University

Executive Vice President

Tomoyoshi Shiroguchi


After being in charge of new business development and web media at a publishing company, he joined FullSpeed Inc. As a director, he was responsible for the Sales, Media and SEO Divisions and supported numerous digital media promotions. He joined INFOBAHN in 2010. As head of the Sales Development Division, he is in charge of planning for corporate web marketing, with other roles including leading joint ventures with other companies.

Independent Director

Miwa Koyasu

東京外国語大学卒業後、日本経済新聞社入社。2005年リクルート入社。住宅、旅行領域のネットメディア開発、上海にてゼクシィのメディア開発を経て、人材領域のネットマーケティング部門・統括マネージャー、企画統括部長を経て2013年株式会社リクルートジョブズ執行役員 経営統括室長 兼 経営企画部長。2016年3月同社退社、2017年3月 株式会社Will Lab設立。岩手県釜石市、兵庫県豊岡市などで女性の雇用創出、人材育成等に関するアドバイザーを務めるほか、企業の女性リーダー育成に取り組んでいる。2019年8月より内閣府男女共同参画推進連携会議有識者議員。

After graduating from Tokyo University of Foreign Studies, she joined the Nikkei Shimbun. In 2005, she joined Recruit, where she worked in net media development in the housing information and travel sectors and media development for Zexy in Shanghai, before becoming the HR Area Net Marketing Division General Manager, Planning Division Executive Manager, and then, in 2013, Executive Sales Management Director and Sales Planning Division Manager at Recruit Jobs Co., Ltd. After leaving Recruit in March 2016, she set up Will Lab Inc. in March 2017.She enthusiastically supports women business leaders and has worked in human resources development and job creation in Kamaishi (Iwate Prefecture) and Toyooka (Hyogo Prefecture). Since August 2019, she has served as an expert member of the Cabinet Office Gender Equality Promotion Committee.

Executive officer, Head of Experience Division

Yuki Hamura


He worked in sales planning for a web development company,  as a planner and director. He was involved in major Japanese companies’ websites, brand site updates, e-commerce, new community site . Since joining INFOBAHN as a planner in 2011, he has worked on company-owned media as a producer, planner and project manager.

Executive officer, Head of IDL Division

Kazumasa Tsujimura

東京外国語大学卒業後渡米、南カリフォルニア建築大学大学院修了、建築学修士。国内外の建築デザインオフィス、デジタルプロダクションを経て2014年に株式会社インフォバーン入社。デザインリサーチを起点として、プロダクト・サービスデザイン、ビジョンデザインなど様々なプロジェクトをリード。主な受賞歴に、文化庁メディア芸術祭、ニューヨーク フィルム フェスティバルなどがある。東京大学大学院学際情報学府博士課程在籍。

Having graduated from Tokyo University of Foreign Studies, he completed graduate studies at SCI-Arc in Los Angeles, where he earned a Master of Architecture (M.Arch). After working for architectural design firms and a digital production in both domestic and overseas, he joined INFOBAHN, Inc. in 2014. Based on design research, he has led various projects across the areas of product, service and vision design. Major awards include the Japan Media Arts Festival and the New York Film Festival. He is currently pursuing doctoral study in the Graduate School of Interdisciplinary Information Studies at the University of Tokyo.

Executive officer, Head of Corporate Communications Division

Kaori Sugiura


After editing movie guides, comics, books, subscription-only lifestyle magazines and other print media, she joined INFOBAHN in 2007. She is involved in  PR and communication activities in various industries, from B2C to B2B. Applying the perspective and communication skills that she developed as an editor, she manages a broad area of planning and content development for both digital and  non-digital channels. She has been in her current role since 2021.


Noriyuki Kitsugi

コミュニケーションデザイン領域を主軸にアートディレクターとして活動後、現在は事業開発及びブランドコミュニケーションにおけるコンセプトメイクからクリエイティブディレクション、エクスペリエンスデザインまで一貫したプロセスデザインを通じ、多様なセクターの価値創造を支援。NY ADC Award、文化庁メディア芸術祭等受賞多数。SFMoMA、Milano Salone、Tokyo Design Week等国内外で作品発表。サンフランシスコ近代美術館にパーマネントコレクションとして作品所蔵。

After working as an art director, mainly in communication design, he now supports value creation in a variety of sectors through an integrated design process for business development and brand communication running from concept creation to creative direction and experience design. Recipient of the NY ADC Award, Japan Media Arts Festival award and many others. Exhibitor at SFMoMA, Milano Salone, Tokyo Design Week and other venues in Japan and abroad. His work features in the permanent collection of the San Francisco Museum of Modern Art.